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MEET Jason: A Youth-Empowering, Soccer-Playing Guy

Posted in Meet People, Social Good

We know soccer isn’t big business in Georgia. Heck, most of us have likely not been to an Atlanta soccer game.  But for kids in need, soccer (or futbol as it is known in most parts of the world) can be a big deal.  The FEED sat down with Jason Longshore of Soccer in the Streets to find out how this sport is playing an important role in the lives of Atlanta youth.     Tell us a little about Soccer in the Streets: Soccer in the Streets produces independent young adults by building character through soccer and employment experiences.  The organization is over twenty years old, and has...

MEET Jessyca and Joe: art community activists & Atlanta enthusiasts

Posted in Arts and Culture, Meet People

Are you an artist or creative type wondering how to really capitalize on your talent? How about an organization really hoping to learn more about your patrons?  Well, C4 Atlanta is offering those in the Atlanta arts community the tools they need to really grow.  From entrepreneurship classes, to data collection and sharing, to subsidized insurance, Jessyca and Joe of C4 are busy helping arts groups reach their potential.  We sat down with them in a busy East Atlanta coffee shop to find out what drives them to work in Atlanta.   Tell us about your project: Jessyca: I work for C4 Atlanta a nonprofit arts service organization that...

MEET Clint and Sana: interfaith workers and medical supply crafters

Posted in International, Meet People

Atlanta has a lot of diversity.  With people from hundreds of different countries converging here every day, so the need for understanding is great.  We sat down with Sana and Clint who are undertaking an interfaith program at MedShare to learn what it takes to bridge the divide religious differences can cause.  They provided us a great tour of MedShare, an international organization that recycles medical supplies before we got down to interview business. Tell us about your project: Sana:  MedShare is a health nonprofit organization based in Decatur.  We take surplus medical supplies from hospitals and medical manufacturing companies and redistribute them to developing countries.  When you get...

MEET Startup Riot

Posted in Meet People, Social Good

Atlanta seems to be a hotbed for many things these days, including startup companies.  The FEED sat down with Sanjay Parekh and Rachel Maher, the energetic folks behind Startup Riot.  One part conference, one part investors circle, one part classroom, Startup Riot is a one of a kind event providing eager entrepreneurs the chance to hone their skills, build a team and find financial backing.   And, it started right here in Atlanta! Tell us about your project: Sanjay:  We do a day long conference in Atlanta. This year will be the fifth year. We highlight a group of entrepreneurs, 30 this year. They get 3 minutes and 4...

Ever Heard of a Hackathon?

Posted in Discover Opinions

Has your organization ever wanted an app? How about you as an individual, ever thought of a technology solution to a daily problem but you aren’t tech savvy? Have you ever thought “I wish we could create a tool to understand this data”?   On November 15th and 16th you can join a cadre of other Atlantans – government officials, tech nerds, data geeks, coders, concerned citizens, nonprofit works and the like – for a fun two-day experience called Govathon. This second annual event invites the tech savvy and the layman to sit down together in a room full of refreshments, white boards and open-sourced data with the ultimate...

In search of the elusive nonprofit: Part II

Posted in Discover Opinions

Chapter Two: Wherein The Homestead Atlanta discovers that help is pretty awesome Something takes over your brain when you decide to start a nonprofit. Whatever gland is responsible for creating to-do lists goes into overdrive and all the parts that work in synchronous harmony to let you sleep soundly decide to take a semi-permanent vacation. Unless you’ve got a degree in it, have done it before, have a team of unbelievably motivated people or have an enviable chunk of money to pay people to take care of all the details, starting a nonprofit from the ground up is kinda intense – I sort of wonder how we have so...

Visit Hypepotamus: an amazing and free coworking space

Posted in Visit Places

There is a new place in Midtown creating some very big waves. Hypepotamus, or “hype’ for short, is the brainchild of some very savvy entrepreneurs. Kevin Wallace and Heath Hyneman have spent much of their lives founding and growing technology and online oriented businesses. Both men are native Atlantans having gone to school here and now raising families in the local communities. These guys want Atlanta to become THE place for startups.   The Atlanta startup scene is diverse and growing quickly. From events like Startup Riot, a pitch festival for young tech companies to gain seed funding, to programs like Village Capital, growing the network of businesses working...


Posted in Visit Places

Our friends at C4 have launched a new venture to provide artists with something they need to be successful, a place to call home. Similar to startup businesses that can find work and office space at places like The Hub or Ignition Alley, artists need an official space to work, meet clients and practice. Welcome to the Arts Entrepreneurship Center or FUSE as it is called. The space is located in the M. Rich Building at Peachtree Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and boasts offices, classrooms and practice space available to C4 members. Access is based on a tiered system varying from 24 hour usage to by...

In Pursuit of the Elusive Nonprofit: Episode One

Posted in Discover Opinions

  The Game is Afoot   Docile and cagey by turns, the Nonprofit can be a mysterious beast to those new to its territory. One moment it seems within your grasp, the next you’re left sitting bleary-eyed in front of a stack of papers and tax forms completely baffled with no discernable trail to follow. Perhaps a clear view of the path taken by someone else – double backs, circles, dead-ends and all – will help yours run a bit more smoothly. Or, at least, help assure you when you’re ready to give up, that it’s alright – that’s just part of the trip, too.   I’ve been asked...

Atlanta, this is you

Posted in Discover Opinions

At the 2011 Maker Faire we conducted an experiment to see what you really think about Atlanta.  The FEED created an oversized display board asking participants to write one word to describe Atlanta.  The following reveals the words people posted and our thoughts on what they mean for our city.   Our People: the good Words: diverse (2), friendly (2), adventurous, hardworking Atlantans were mostly described as diverse and friendly.  What a great combination!  It is true that our city boasts a population made up of 56% White, 25% African America, 3% Asian, and 12% Hispanic according to 2010 census information.  And of course we should be friendly given our...